I have no 3D ultrasound image from my baby. Where can I do this?
Please ask your gynocologist if she/he has the necessary 3D ultrasound equipment. If not the Internet can provide you with the names of your gynocologists and clinics that provide it in your area. Many health insurance companies cover these costs or provide packages that you can use.

How should my ultrasound picture look like?
The perfect picture is when it is taken from a frontal view of your baby's face. We recommend you take pictures in the 27th to the 30th week of pregnancy. Here you can see the face very well. In general, the more detailed the image, the more detailed the 3D mask.

I do not know if my ultrasound image is suitable?
If you are unsure, then simply send us an email with your ultrasound image to info(at)kimondi.de. We will answer you as soon as possible.

What file format should my picture have?
Unlike other providers, one 3D ultrasound image in JPG or GIF format is enough. Ask your doctor for an ultrasound examination. If you only have a paper photo from your 3D ultrasound image, take a picture with your smartphone. However, here too, the more detailed the image, the better the 3D mask.
If you have a 3D volume file please contact us via our contact form. Depending on the manufacturer, we can also use this.

Which material should I choose?
The material of your 3D mask depends on your use or taste. The properties of the various materials are explained under the main menu item "Materials". Our recommendation is the multicolored gypsum. Great to touch, great appearance and a fair price.

Which size should I choose?
We can make your 3D baby mask in almost any size for you. If you want it according to the time of the ultrasound image, here are the approximate sizes.

29 week           8 cm / 3,15 inch
30 week           9 cm / 3,54 inch
32 week           10cm / 3,94 inch

Please note that this is only approximate data. Your doctor can give you more details.

I am a blind mother and have heard that there is a special campaign?
Yes that's true. We at kimondi want to give blind pregnant women the opportunity to "see" their child. This is why we offer you a free 3D baby mask of your baby. All what we need from you is a ultrasound picture of your baby. Please contact us in advance via our contact form.

How is the flow of an order?
We make it very simple for you.
You order your preferred material and your desired size at our WebShop. If you would like a frame, please order it too. You will receive an order confirmation immediately after ordering. Email this confirmation back to together with your 3D ultrasound picture in the appendix. Now you can lean back and look forward to the 3D mask of your baby.

How long does the delivery take?
Each image is hand-edited by our 3D designer to a 3D mask optimized for the 3D print and then printed in our 3D printers for you. These steps are very complicated and complex. Depending on the material, this may take 10 to 15 working days. The approximate delivery time can be found in the individual product description.

What options for paying do I have?
We would like to make it as easy as possible for you as kimondi customers. We offer Paypal or prepayment.

What about privacy?
Privacy policy is very important to us. You can find our privacy policy on our website. Our designers get your ultrasound image anonymized. Even in 3D printing, no one knows who and for whom the image is.