With help of new 3D technology, we can give you a completely different, much deeper relationship with your child.
So you can not only see your baby in pregnancy but also touch it.




Our goal is to make the face as close to 1:1, which means without optical retouching.

"Make it simple" is our slogan.

You do not have to deal with complex volume files, or have to edit graphic files. Just send us your ultrasound image of your baby. This can be a volume data file, an image file (JPG format) or simply a photographed ultrasound image.














Our procedure to create colored texturability to gypsum masks is unique in the world, like your baby.




For blind mothers, our product offers an unprecedented opportunity to build a bonding relationship with your unborn child. As a socially committed company, we offer a free mask to all blind mothers. See our FAQ for more information.


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