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We convert your baby's ultrasound picture to a unique 3D mask. Feel the contours of your child, his nose, his eyes, his mouth even before it is born. This experience will bring you closer to your child than you can ever imagine.

Unlike other providers, we only need one 3D ultrasound image in JPG format or a good smartphone photo of your 3D ultrasound image. Ask for 3D ultrasound image at your regular ultrasound examination to get an unforgettable memory of your growing child.


It is so easy for you.


Please choose the material and the desired size in our WebShop.


After you recieve the order confirmation please send it back together with the ultrasound image.


A short time later you will receive our delivery with your 3D baby mask.




New 3D baby mask ceramics (size: XS approx. 6cm/2.4in)

This material imparts your 3d baby mask a very extravagant, puristic appearance.

from 89.00 € *

Delivery period: 15 working days

baby mask gypsum multicolored (size: XS approx. 6cm/2.4in)

This is definitely our favorite. Because of the multicolor the details of our 3D baby mask are even better displayed. The cheap price and a light rough sandy surface with an awsome haptics round off the picture.

from 79.00 € *

Delivery period: 10 working days

3D baby mask alumide (size: XS approx. 6cm/2.4in)

The mixture from polyamide and aluminium imparts your 3D baby mask a light greyish-metallic shimmer with a light rough surface.

from 89.00 € *

Delivery period: 10 working days
* Prices incl. VAT, plus delivery